Restrict Free Health Care

Are we in the UK really providing free health care to anyone that wants to use it across the globe?

It’s a wonderful thought that the nation of Great Britain and its people could cure the world of all ills.

Let’s get real people! Like any other service the health service is restricted by it budgets and the UK isn’t rich enough to increase these budgets, you can only get out of something, what you put in.

That means that all of these people from foreign origin are overburdening our health service and making the budgets stretch further than they could ever handle.

What does this mean… It means that we UK tax payers receive a poor, over stretched service and sometimes even a negligent service which has caused deaths by delays in treatments and inferior treatment.

Our press blames the problems on budget cuts, our politicians blame the heads of the health service and the real problem is that the service is having to handle additional strain from non-paying patients from around the globe.

From a business perspective this could never and would never work, you get what you pay for and the health service is having to stretch their Great British pound further than is possible.


Unemployment Benefit

The truth is that many people are scared to talk about controversial issues in case they are shunned or made to feel uncomfortable.

Our great nation invented the UK ‘benefit’ scheme to provide a little additional help those that were temporarily out of work. Unfortunately over the years this scheme has become expected by the people and no longer thought of as a benefit but a right!

Many people now see the ‘benefit’ scheme as an alternative to work and some even turn a healthy profit working the ‘benefit’ trade.

Why do the working population allow this to happen? Is it thought of as fair that the working population, that in some cases are earning less than someone working the ‘benefit’ scheme, pay taxes to pay salaries to the ones that have made a decision not to work?

I do understand that there are also people on the ‘benefit’ scheme that are in true need of the support it offers but there are also many that have been conditioned to expect a pay day out of the pockets of others.

One documentary recently interviewed a lady on the ‘benefit’ scheme that commented, quote “I wouldn’t accept a job unless it paid all my bills and gave me £500 a week spare cash.” What a ridiculous statement. That means that this lady, who was presumably low skilled, was expecting a salary on the scale of a highly skilled person and company directors before she was prepared to give up working the ‘benefit’ scheme.

Where’s reality gone? Is anyone really surprised our country is in so much debt and we’re all having to feel the strain? Any politician has got a very difficult task to solve issues like this and it needs a brave and bold approach to make the difficult, but necessary changes.

Employment vs Unemployment

There seem to have been two sides to the employment vs unemployment subject. On one hand we are told that immigration is good for our economy as we need people to take up jobs and pay taxes into our tax schemes.

On the face of it, it seems a compelling argument and quite logical, until you compare the argument with the unemployed people on the ‘benefit’ scheme that tell us there aren’t any jobs and so they have no choice but to claim ‘benefits’.

Something doesn’t add up here…

It sounds like we could kill two birds with one stone here, why don’t we stop the immigrants from coming into our country and taking up available jobs and instead put the people working the ‘benefit’ scheme back to work.

Or am I forgetting something? That doesn’t work in our country because those working the ‘benefit’ scheme have made a life choice and stacking shelves or cleaning bathrooms is way below them!

We look to 2014 and the invasion of Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants….