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Employment vs Unemployment

There seem to have been two sides to the employment vs unemployment subject. On one hand we are told that immigration is good for our economy as we need people to take up jobs and pay taxes into our tax schemes.

On the face of it, it seems a compelling argument and quite logical, until you compare the argument with the unemployed people on the ‘benefit’ scheme that tell us there aren’t any jobs and so they have no choice but to claim ‘benefits’.

Something doesn’t add up here…

It sounds like we could kill two birds with one stone here, why don’t we stop the immigrants from coming into our country and taking up available jobs and instead put the people working the ‘benefit’ scheme back to work.

Or am I forgetting something? That doesn’t work in our country because those working the ‘benefit’ scheme have made a life choice and stacking shelves or cleaning bathrooms is way below them!

We look to 2014 and the invasion of Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants….